Founder Friday: Jade Stanley

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1. Name: Jade Stanley

2. Location (Current/Birth): Current: Bloomington, IN Birth: Bedford, IN

3. What inspires you most about Appalachia? The beautiful landscape and the rich history with such deep familial roots.

4. Favorite movie? Steel Magnolias

5.Favorite city in WV and why? Wayne, my mother is from there, so growing up it was always the place we visited most often and still do. It’s a small, familiar town with narrow, winding roads I remember traveling often on the way to visit my large, extended family as my mom would point out certain places and tell stories of growing up and going to school there.

6.What attracted you to AQFF and why? I became friends with co-founder Tim Ward while we were attending school at Marshall University, where I was getting my degree in Theatre Production. Our shared love of films is something that we discussed often and when he mentioned the startup of the AQFF, I was immediately interested.  Being a part of an event that could help films in this genre to a reach a larger audiences along with showcasing the people and places of Appalachia is something I really wanted to be a part of.

7.What does the term “queer” mean to you? In all honesty, while growing up the term queer didn’t mean anything special to me and its only connotation was something negative or different. As I’ve gotten older, had more life experiences and met all different types of people, I’ve come to recognize it as a sort of inclusive identifier of those who feel outside of what society has long called normal.  Being able to acknowledge that we are all different, without forcing each other into a pre-labeled category helps to reclaim the word from those that use it as an insult and redefine it to signify equality and inclusion in a movement towards full acceptance.

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